YES Society Limited (“YES Society”) is a Non-Profit Organisation Limited by Guarantee. Registered Office: Wiston House, 1 Wiston Avenue, Worthing, West Sussex, BN14 7QL, Company Number: 8882933. YES is an abbreviation of 'Your Emergency Services'. YES Society is a 'Charitable Fundraiser' who are licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission, (Licence Number 000-037221-R-318362-007), in accordance with the Gambling Act 2005, with the authority to promote an online Charity Raffle in Great Britain, in order to assist with their fundraising activities. The designated contact, named on your monthly confirmation email, is the nominated society member having responsibility for the promotion of the raffle. YES Society, as the promoter, is solely responsible for the promotion and management of the raffle. All members and officers of the society are DBS cleared and are not precluded from participation as long as they qualify under the standard raffle eligibility terms and conditions.

After start-up costs have been recovered the maximum proportion of revenue apportioned for the provision of promotional activity will be no greater than 40%. The total provision for administration is 5%. Donations to the society's Good Causes will never be less than 20% of total funds, however YES Society will strive to contribute 55%. When subscriber numbers permit we may review our Good Causes donation, however not before consulting/notifying subscribers prior to any implemented change.

Promotion T&C's

1. Interpretation

These Terms and Conditions (together with the terms, if any, set out in promotional actrivity instructions on the YES Society website) constitute the entire agreement between the parties.  All other terms and conditions, express or implied by statute or otherwise, are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.

YES Society may correct any typographical or other errors or omissions in any brochure, promotional literature, or other document relating to their promotional activity.

2. Eligibility

Persons wishing to participate/enter into YES Society's promotional activities (“the Promotion”) may only do so by completing a full online registration/direct debit mandate, (found on the YES Society website), agreeing to support a YES Society Good Cause & completing a £10 monthly subscription. No other alternative participation method will be considered.

A person will only be deemed to be eligible (an "Eligible Person") for inclusion/participation into any promotional activity if he/she is aged 18 or over and resides in Great Britain.

No person shall be permitted to register/enter more than once and any attempt to contravene this restriction will be prevented automatically, recorded/reported and the person banned from participation in any current/future YES Society promotional activity.

Only persons who have completed the full registration process prior to the cut-off at 23:59 hours on 20th of each calendar month will be eligible for consideration into YES Society's promotional activity for that month, provided sufficient time has also been allowed for their direct debit mandate to also be fully processed. Only persons with cleared donations may be included in a draw. Late or delayed registrations/direct debit payments will be deferred to the following months promotional activity.

YES Society accepts no responsibility whatsoever whether or not a person is found to be ineligible for entry into any of their promotional activity, and all donations received by YES Society, (including registration fees), are treated as irrevocable gifts and, as such, are non-refundable under these Terms and Conditions.

3. Acceptance

No person is deemed to have been accepted until all the verification checks have been completed, the direct debit mandate completed and the one-off £1.75 set-up fee paid. If a person has been accepted they will receive a confirmation email to this effect. Rejected persons will also be notified by email. Any reason for a rejection will only be given at the absolute discretion of the YES Society management.

All successful persons will be given a Unique Reference Number (“URN”).

4. Entry

Entry to any YES Society promotional event is only via direct debit donation subscription. You have total control over your direct debit account which enables you to decide whether you wish to donate/participate every month or to take the occasional break. Cut-off for entry is 23:59 hours on 20th of each draw month with payment taken after midnight. Promotional prizes are drawn 7 working days later.

A £10 regular monthly donation, (by direct debit subscription), will entitle you to inclusion/participation in all our monthly promotional draws. Your direct debit donation will be held in a ring-fenced money account to protect the fund prior to transfer to YES Society who in-turn will keep all surplus revenue/promotional funds in a separate account to their trading & expense accounts. 

In time, our one-off donation facility will become gift aid eligible however, our subscription donation facility is not currently gift aid eligible due to a perception that the donations & benefits may be linked however, as YES Society is tax exempt and our admin is only 5%, there would be little, if any, current benefit gained. 

YES Society will endeavour to facilitate all promotional activities on the 27th of each calendar month. If for any unforeseen last-minute reason this is not possible, any draws will take place as soon after as practicable.

A confirmation of intended promotional draw activity will be announced on the YES Society website on or before the 20th of each calendar month. All winners will be notified by email and then a sanitised list placed on the YES Society website.

6. Registration cancellation

If you would like to cancel your registration (or take a short break) you may do so in your personal account. 

Any cancellation requests received before the 15th of each calendar month should be actioned immediately, however cancellation requests received after the 15th of each calendar month may result in your cancellation being processed the following month.

7. Promotional rewards

Depending on subscriber numbers for each month, the maximum monthly jackpot value will be £25,000 and the minimum £1000. The anticipated jackpot value will be displayed on our website on or before the 20th of each month. In addition, the maximum bonus draw prize value will be £2000 and the minimum £100. The minimum number of jackpot prizes in any given month will be 1 and the maximum number will be 8. The minimum number of bonus draw prizes will be 2.

All prizes will be paid via BACS.

No person will win more than one prize in any given month. Once a prize has been won the draw software will remove that person's URN from any further draws that month. So, if your URN was drawn and you won a prize you would not be able to win any subsequent prize drawn that month. All other persons entered for that same month's promotional draw will continue to be in with a chance of winning a prize, as the remainder of their names are randomly selected from our draw software.

The draw software used by YES Society is a bespoke programme, owned & operated solely by YES Society and certified as truly random by NMi who are an approved gambling commission test house. The software guarantees that the winning odds always remain at (initially sub) 10000-19999:1.

8. Awards

Winners will be notified by email within 48 hours of a promotional draw. Subject to YES Society being satisfied that their terms and conditions have been complied with, including eligibility to take part in our promotional activity, all prizes will be allocated upon receipt of an acknowledgement to the YES Society email.

YES Society will pay all prizes into the winners account of preference, as soon as all details have been confirmed/validated.

All persons must keep their contact details up-to-date to assist YES Society. If YES Society are unable to contact a winner, using the supplied email/phone/address details, the eligible person runs the risk of forfeiting their prize if not claimed within 180 days of the initial notification.

YES Society will not be held accountable for any unforeseen matters outside of their control relating to the facilitation of prize payments.

Any person wishing to take a donation break may do so by logging into their account and exclude themselves for a period of 6 months. Re-entry, during or at the end of the 6-month period will only be possible if YES Society has not exceeded their licensed limit.

During the draw checking process, and prior to awarding any prize, should YES Society management uncover an invalid winning entrant then a re-draw of that specific group will take place as soon as practicable. Only the original participants of the specific group will be included in the re-draw.

9. Responsibility

To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law (but not otherwise) YES Society shall not be liable for any loss, damage or liability whatsoever or howsoever occasioned in direct or indirect connection to a participant or prospective participant who registers or attempts to register with incorrect details including but not limited to date-of-birth, name, email address etc., or the loss, delayed or rejected application form or any communication sent to or received by or on behalf of YES Society including (but not limited to) a prize or other payment. This also relates to any potential delays in Direct Debit mandate processes.

10. Termination

YES Society may, without giving reason or notice, decline to accept a £10 pcm donation, cancel an existing registration, terminate or suspend promotional activity.

YES Society shall not be liable to the registered person for any actual or perceived loss, damage or liability thereby arising. Prizes still outstanding from draws conducted prior to any termination or suspension shall still be honoured as will all outstanding BACS payments.

11. General

Save where these terms and conditions expressly provide otherwise, YES Society shall not be obliged to respond to or enter into any correspondence. Any postal mail enquiries received by YES Society at its registered address must include a stamped addressed envelope or suitable email address for replies.

YES Society reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without notice. Any significant/material changes will be emailed to registered persons.

The laws of England and Wales shall apply to these terms and conditions and the parties hereby agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.


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