Veterans Raffle Draw Prizes

There will be a jackpot prize for every 10,000 Veterans Raffle entrants ie. 30,000 entrants = 3 jackpot prizes. Our entrants are placed into equally sized groups, rather than just 1 large group. This guarantees that our winning odds will always remain both constant & far better than any other organisation.

Given a 3 door choice, with each door leading into an equally sized room:

Room 1 (Veterans Raffle) has 10 thousand people

Room 2 (Health Lottery) has 2.1+ Million people

Room 3 (National Lottery) has 45+ Million people

Which room would you want to be in when they randomly select a draw winner?

A prize value, up to £25,000, will be determined by the level of funds we have available each month. The same applies to the number of prizes we award each month. The minimum number of Prizes awarded each month will be 6 and the maximum (realistically) around 25. The minimum prize value awarded will be £100 and No prize is ever shared. Your £10 monthly donation payment will support the charity that you have selected. Your name is automatically entered into all our Prize Draws as per our T&C's. No donation will ever be taken without you receiving prior notification by email, which is why it's important that you keep your records with us up-to-date.

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