Frequently Asked Questions

Who are YES Society

YES Society are a non-profit organisation. YES is an acronym for Your Emergency Services. It was founded by a retired frontline Sussex Police Officer for the sole purpose of fundraising for former members of the UK Armed Forces & Emergency Services. Their primary focus is on supporting those who are suffering from mental health related conditions such as PTSD, those who have complex injuries such as loss of limb and those who find themselves out of work & homeless.


What makes YES Society different

YES Society carried out extensive research into current charity fundraising, especially lotteries and decided instead to build their platform upon ethics, morals, social responsibility & transparency. They also didn't want to harass the public by repeatedly & annoyingly asking for money, instead choosing to incentivise & reward loyal support. YES Society are proud to proclaim that 'No other organisation supports Good Causes & Rewards the public better!


Why should I support YES Society's Veterans Raffle over other lotteries & raffles

YES Society do NOT operate using a potentially addictive number sequence, instead opting for a very simple modern day version of your name in a (computer software) hat! YES Society give a greater percentage to UK Good Causes than most lotteries. YES Society also retain the lowest percentage for their total operational costs than any other society. YES Society do not operate a rollover with their Veterans Raffle, which means more actual prize winners every month!


What charities does the Veterans Raffle support 

There are currently 8 supported charities, (all displayed & listed on the website), and all vetted for confirmation that they possess the required specialist skills website. Each subscriber/entrant selects his or her preferred charity during the registration process. The more support each charity receives the more funding they receive each month. All the charities supported do NOT receive government funding yet manage to do so much with the small amount of funds they do receive from donations. None of the charities that the Veterans Raffle supports operate their own raffle/lottery, primarily due to lack of resources & funds. The Veterans Raffle therefore provides an invaluable additional revenue stream!


What makes the Veterans Raffle better than a lottery

There's a winner every draw. No prize is ever shared. All entries, draw results & prize notifications are electronic which means that there's never a lost ticket or an unclaimed cheque! You don't need a membership card and you never have to check the results yourself to make a claim either. YES Society does absolutely everything for you, from start to finish!


How do I support the Veterans Raffle

To keep things both simple & fair, everyone subscribes to donate exactly the same amount (£10) per month using the most secure payment method available today (Direct Debit). No commission is paid to any 3rd party retail outlets. No cash, card or cheque options so your donations can't go astray and the vulnerable are protected too. It has to be the simplest & safest registration processes on offer!

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